Do you have a beautiful heirloom piece in need of loving and professional care? These skilled fiber and needlework artisans offer repair and restorations services.

Linda Dean
A Certified Master of Crochet, Ms Dean serves as a Senior Reviewer for the Crochet Guild of America. Her original designs have been published in Crochet World, Vogue Crochet, Crochet! and other publications.

Ruby Nelsen
Traditional Mennonite craftswomen provide finishing services as well as repairs and restorations.


Braided Rugs
Pat Rowan
Member of the Valley Forge Rug Braiding Guild

Christine Manges
Member of the Valley Forge Rug Braiding Guild

Hooked Rugs

Needlework Tools and CollectablesRaffle_Quilt
Karen C.K. Ballard
Ms Ballard is a widely recognized expert on vintage needlework tools. She regular writes on the subject in Piecework, Chain Link and other publications. While Ms Ballard does not make appraisals, she can tell you about the interesting artifact you own and how it was used.

Teaching Children
Tracy Bresnahan
Known as Mrs B, Tracy has established the Busy Bee Knit & Crochet Club at the school where she teaches. Her very young students have taken to knit and crochet with great enthusiasm, creating some exciting original pieces. Contact Tracy for information about resources she used to engage her young students in this very successful program.

The Marian G. Wilburn Foundation does not warranty the work performed by any of the artisans listed in this resources page. All fees for services and shipping are strictly to be negotiated with and paid to the artists.